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Butterfly Labs Petition

Have you had problems with butterfly labs or if you intend to do business with them, read this!

How To Recover Your Bitcoin Wallet Password

This in depth guide will help you recover you bitcoin wallet. This guide should also work for other crypto currency types as well such as litecoin, feather coin, etc.

Coins, Chickuns and the Power of the Almighty Zip Tie!

This is a personal experience over the course of almost 1 year showing what it is like to dive in to the crypto currency world.

NEW! Bitcoin Password Recovery Service

Who would have know that forgetting something as simple as a password could lead to lost millions or even billions? Go Bit Go now offers a new service by helping bitcoin investors and miners recover their passwords so that they can access their wallets and claim their fortunes.

How to Mine with 6 GPU

Mining with 6 GPU's (7900 series no less)can be a bit tricky to say the least but if you see the benefit of running the max GPU's in one system, this article is for you!

How To Correctly Use and Install PCI-E Riser Cables

Riser cables are a very important part of a GPU based system build. While the installation and usage is easy to understand, there is still some needed information on proper use and installation. This article will take you step by step from common questions to install and usage. A must read for new miners!

Go Bit Go Press Release Announcement

Go Bit Go is a new site supporting Crypto Currency mining in all forms and our first tool is now live! Many major online news outlets published our first press release and we are proud of it!